Crossing the Borders Crossing the Borders In a cross military, nation and border cooperation, a Palestinian boy was rescued from the Jericho area and transferred to “Hadassah” Medical Center

Dana Rusuo

A UH-60 “Blackhawk” helicopter of the “Rolling Sword” squadron was operated on the afternoon of November 6th in order to rescue a 12-year-old Palestinian boy that was in critical condition as a result of a “Hit and Run” accident.
“The initial information we received was about an injured boy in the Jericho area”, said Captain A’, Deputy Commander of the squadron and pilot of the helicopter. “We didn’t yet know whether it was an Israeli or Palestinian boy and what exactly caused his injuries. We immediately ran to the helicopter and took off directly to the event”.

The boy’s treatment was a process of a number of authorities. First, a crew of the Palestinian “Red Crescent” gave the boy preliminary treatment. Later, an Israeli “Magen David Adom” (Red Star of David) ambulance was also rushed to the area, accompanied by military forces as well as a military doctor from the area.
Only after said authorities attempted to stabilize the boy’s condition, a helicopter arrived carrying a doctor from the 669 Combat Search & Rescue Unit.
“When we arrived, we saw the boy lying in a “Magen David Adom” ambulance”, explained Colonel (Res.) Dr. Roni Arnon, the doctor from the unit. “The boy suffered from a severe head injury and from rib fractures that caused him serious breathing problems. His life was in immediate danger. We had to stabilize him before moving him to the helicopter”.

“Saving a Person’s Life is Above Everything Else”
“The moment we realized the severity of the boy’s injuries, we decided that in this case we have to do anything we can to bring him to the hospital as quickly as possible”, added Captain A’. “We decided to shorten the timeline and we got as close to the place of the event as we could. We landed several minutes before the ambulance arrived at the spot”.
After landing, the crew evacuated the boy to the “Hadassah” Medical Center, where he was subjected to a series of surgeries.

“At this point the boy’s condition is still classified as critical, since his injuries were extremely severe”, said Dr. Arnon who makes sure he receives an update from the hospital every few hours. “Many different authorities came to the assistance of this boy with phenomenal cooperation and we hope the boy gets and feels better soon”.
The Israeli-Palestinian cooperation may be unusual, but landings and recues in areas beyond Israel borders, are not new for the IAF.
“The IDF and all the forces that save human beings, particularly the IAF, the squadron and the flown rescue unit, don’t discriminate by blood”, explained Captain A’. “The value of saving a person’s life is above everything else”.