Defense Minister Moshe Ya`alon (Likud) appeared before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday and said the recruitment rates of IDF combat units were ”good” and that ”it is evident that there is a willingness” to join these units. The enlistment rate among the ultra-Orthodox community, he noted, ”makes it possible to reach the [recruitment] targets set by the government.”

Ya`alon told the committee that this year, for the first time, new recruits from the Druze community will not be assigned to the Herev Battalion for Druze soldiers, because young Druze want to serve in regular field units rather than be segregated. He also mentioned that this year another mixed battalion of male and female soldiers will be formed, saying this is indicative of the ”increase in women`s motivation to perform combat military service.”

Addressing the wave of Palestinian terror that has gripped the country, Minister Ya`alon said that since its beginning it has been based on the actions of lone terrorists. ”Unfortunately, at this stage [the terror wave] is not diminishing,” he said, adding ”we will use all the means at our disposal in order to prevent escalation.”