Double Launch Two important components of Israeli anti-aircraft capabilities, the Patriot and Hawk missiles, were launched during an exercise of the systems last week. The exercise was commanded by a new missile testing control room

By Michal Weissbrod

Patriot and Hawk missiles were launched by the missile testing unit in the test field of the Palmachim IAF base during tests conducted Friday morning. The two missile systems, which in times of war are launched against enemy aircraft and missiles, successfully intercepted the targets. The anti-missile unit decided to use this opportunity to test both missile systems together. The exercise tested the communication between the IAF air traffic control unit and the batteries, in order to improve the readiness of the system.

“The exercise does not stand on its own, but is just the highlight of extensive training that the soldiers have conducted in the past few months”, said the commander of the unit, Lt. Col. Gershon Glotnick.

The exercise was the first missile launch commanded by a new anti-missile control room.

“The exercise allowed us to test the capabilities of the new unit, including our communications system and coordination between the different crews involved”, explained the commander of the missile testing unit Lt. Col. P. “One of the objectives was to test new methodologies and draw conclusions for further improvement”.