Bicycle shop owner suspected that sent dozens of minors to steal batteries for electric bicycles and sold them in tens of shekels about 30 minors living in central Israel suspects that stole in recent weeks electric bicycle batteries and selling them to one of the shops in the area.
Of residence. According to suspicion in some cases, the store owner would give the necessary battery model and minors
Were sent to the mission. The batteries were sold for suspect in price significantly and this market worth.
There was familiar to them hundreds of dollars.

Glilot station commander Chief Superintendent AVI rsano told the stolen batteries estimated tens of thousands of dollars. “In the coming days we expect to summon other boys to testify because of
Dozens of events “.

Yarkon received space in recent weeks, dozens of
Complaints for stealing batteries of electric bicycles. Following the complaints investigation was transferred to the dealer.
The youth of rolls under control and life fought the method exposed.

Minors who operated in packs.
Of two to three friends were stealing the bike batteries of students in elementary schools
And high schools.
The main suspect was purchase batteries at a price
Of 150, so the battery inserted new packaging and sold at a discounted price of a few hundred dollars as shshvia
Actually comes to a total of about 2,000.

The main suspect, a resident of Netanya in his 30s.
He was arrested a week ago and a few days later released to house arrest.
The Commander of the Yarkon afleh is underground space:
“We see the fact and use all means at our disposal in order to make
The investigation and prosecute the suspect on trial for dealing with minor offenses to exploit stolen. “

Translated from Hebrew