Escalation: Fire Toward South Continues Escalation: Fire Toward South Continues

From Saturday night over 80 rockets have been fired toward southern Israel In response to recent terror incidents, IAF aircraft struck weaponry production and storage sites in the Gaza Strip throughout the night. Fire toward Israeli territories continues, Iron Dome has intercepted two rockets

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Another escalation round in the south has begun this weekend: Saturday evening marked an anti-tank missile firing toward an IDF force, which was on routine patrol in the Northern Gaza Strip. Four soldiers were injured in the incident, and IDF forces responded with fire and ground attacks of targets throughout the strip.

In the evening hours a barrage of rockets was fired toward southern Israel. In response to the terror incidents, IAF aircraft attacked a terrorist cell that was attempting a steep trajectory attack toward Israel. In the early morning hours, the IAF carried out another attack on weaponry production and storage sites, launching sites and other terror targets in response to the recent events.

From Saturday evening 80 rockets have been fired toward southern Israeli residencies. Yesterday, Iron Dome intercepted a rocket fired toward Ashdod, and intercepted another rocket above Be’er Sheva this afternoon. The fighters continue to actively defend the residents of Israel.

The Home Front Command has directed residents to stay away from open areas and immediately enter a protected area at the sound of explosives or alarm, and wait for further instructions.