“Everything to keep our people safe”

“Everything to keep our people safe”

The annual assembly for the officers and NCOs of the IAF took place earlier this month. IAF Commander: “We are all a part of the population and are proud to serve the citizens of Israel”

IAF Site | Translation: Liran Ackerman

The annual assembly for IAF’s officers and NCOs took place earlier this month at Hatzerim airbase. As in previous years, IAF’s officers and NCOs gathered for an evening of heritage which this year highlighted the spirit behind the force of the IAF. IAF commander, Major General Amir Eshel, granted some of the participant with awards and certifications of appreciation, as well as with lifetime achievement award. During the rally, IAF commander approached the officers and NCOs and addressed the public debate regarding the working conditions of the career officers.

“The IDF provides a high level of security for the state of Israel. Strategic changes in the region have diminished some of the major threats for the short run, but have left room for potential outburst of dangerous events in the long run. These facts have awoken a legitimate public debate regarding the national social and security priorities of the state of Israel. The debate has intensified the ongoing criticism in regards to the army’s conduction and its use of the country’s resources. We are all a part of the population and are proud to serve the citizens of Israel. Our streamlining capability is world-renowned and helps us meet our missions. Moreover, streamlining is a value for us”, said Maj. Gen. Eshel.

The extent of possible changes, recommendations and rumors might make some of us think that the sky has fallen on the career officers, but I can assure you that reality is different. The IAF takes off to the sky every day and the sky has been there since the days of creation. We will make sure that it stays there. Changes are expected and some of them will be complex. The IAF will continue to be deeply involved in the processes of change in the IDF and will preserve the uniqueness of the IAF. We will not cross lines that could bring about malfunctions and we will do everything in our power to keep our people safe”.

“We will rise to the occasion and take advantage of our opportunities, and they exist. It takes courage to take advantage of them. As our way of action, we will operate with responsibility, proper judgment and complete commitment to the IAF. I believe in our capability to operate in that manner. I believe in our path together. We will continue to stand tall, proud of the mission, our uniform our achievements and above all we are proud of our people. I have no doubt that in a year from now; the IAF will become even stronger, thanks to our people”.