“Exceptional capabilities”

Photo by: Guy Ashash

Major General Robert M. Lowenstein, the German counterpart of the IAF Commander of the Aerial Defense Division, arrived in Israel last week, and spoke of his will to deepen the forces’ relationship in the future

Naomi Zoreff | Translation: Eden Sharon

Major General Robert M. Lowenstein, Deputy Commander of the Operational Forces Command of the German Air Force – the German counterpart of the IAF Commander of the Aerial Defense Division – visited Israel last week.
“The Israeli Aerial Defense force has demonstrated its operational capabilities in an exceptional manner, as I expected”, he said. “I was pleased to meet the soldiers of the division and to be proven with their high motivation and skills”.

During his visit, Major General Lowenstein arrived at the “Iron Dome” and “Patriot” batteries deployed all over Israel and visited the southern Aerial Defense School, where he was presented with the unique training perception of the division and of the “First UAV” squadron.

“I was very impressed with the cooperation between the aerial and ground forces during the last campaign”, he explained. “It is an impressing capability which we will be honored to pass on to our forces”.

“Deepening the connection”
One of the goals of Major General Lowenstein’s visit was deepening the cooperation between the forces and examining potential fields for empowering mutual learning. “The cooperation between our forces is age-old and was deepen in the past three years”, he said. “It is important for us to find ways for deepening the connection between the parallel divisions of our armies. We will continue to help the IAF execute its missions optimally”.

Major General Lowenstein’s emphasized that a meaningful relationship must also bond the soldiers of the forces and not only high rank officers.
“We aim to create a personal acquaintance between the soldiers in order to better understand the forces and ensure better cooperation in the future”.