Four suspects have been arrested on suspicion of attempted drug smuggling and conspiracy to commit rathalfni last month arrested four people holding Israeli citizenship, on suspicion of cocaine smuggling network run from France to Israel.

The case suggests that the network operated in France for drug couriers. Members used the site as a young tour shipping couriers sailed by the drug in Israel. Immediately after the hordes have descended came regular meeting in Tel Aviv, where she transferred the drugs to two members of the network for a fee. The drugs from France are divided into packets and sold throughout the country.

Further investigation revealed that following the conflict that broke out between two members of the network decided to kill his partner. He came to Israel in order to get his plan, but was arrested and taken for questioning.

The suspects were questioned on suspicion of importing and trafficking, conspiracy to commit a crime and attempted murder. Their detention has been extended four times and extended detention.

Jerusalem District Commander praised investigators and the detectives involved in the case: “the professional activity and swift led to the arrest of suspected Highway, preventing murder and drug distribution. We will continue to work without compromise against any attempt to break the law, and we act to realize the full extent of the law.

Translated from Hebrew