Extensive Exercise for Combat Formation

“Our goal is to prove that the Israeli training field is large enough”


Extensive Exercise for Combat Formation

The exercise serves as preparation for a training session with international air forces which will be held in Israel in 2013


Extensive Exercise for Combat Formation

Crew members will practice a variety of scenarios, attacks and aerial combat


Extensive Exercise for Combat Formation

This week marked the start of the “Red Flag” Israeli exercise. Instead of Nevada, the squadrons arrived at Ovda Airbase


For the first time in years, combat formations of the IAF will compete against one another during the Israeli version of the “Red Flag” training competition in preparation for international cooperation

Shani Poms and Michal Khayut | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

Every year, hundreds of American combat pilots take off to participate in the “Red flag” exercise which focuses on aerial combat fighting with all aerial formations of the U.S armed forces. Dozens of aircrafts fill the desert sky of Nevada in order to complete a row of aerial combat fights filled with adrenaline, attacks and training with advanced combat systems.

This week, over 10,000 kilometers away, a “blue flag-red flag” exercise began in the IAF. Combat formations from all around the country arrived at the southern Ovda base and took off to a unique exercise for the first time in years. Throughout the week, they will compete with each other in different aerial scenarios and practice possible scenarios. In each of the aerial demonstrations, “blue” combat airplanes representing the IAF will compete against “red” combat airplanes representing the enemy.

In fact, the exercise held today is solid preparation for a large, international exercise which will be conducted in Israel during the year of 2013- “Blue Flag’. Captain Guy, from the enemy simulation formation “Flying Tiger”, is responsible for the training. “There haven’t been any exercises this large in Israel, and many aerial forces from all around the world will be present. Our goal is to prove that the Israeli practice field is large enough to contain and train these aircrafts”.