Face-to-Face Cooperation Face-to-Face Cooperation Several days after the escalation in the south of Israel, at which the IAF embarked on intensive activity in the Gaza Strip, commanders from the southern division arrived to get to know the combat aircrafts of the “Wasp” squadron

Lya Shanel

Apachi squadrons and the IDF Infantry Corps are used to meeting out in the battlefield, in operational activity: attacking targets, patrolling the border and accompanying soldiers through various tasks. This time, the commanders of the southern division of the Gaza deployment arrived at the home field of the “Wasp” squadron, in order to deepen the bonds that have formed through fighting together.

The entire commanding staff of the southern division landed at the squadron for a day that was all about cooperation. Commander of the division, Colonel Tal Hermoni, boarded an Apachi and practiced force direction-as it appeared from the air. The ground and air forces watched operational attack films together, listened to lectures from commander of the squadron and commander of the division and were able to get to know one another a little bit better.

“We got to know the faces behind the voices on the communicator”, clarified Second Lieutenant Nir Zimmerman, the artillery sharing officer of the division, which constitutes the link between it and the squadron. “We work a lot with combat helicopters. It was important to us that we meet, both in order to understand where there are gaps and how to improve the cooperation”.

The “Wasp” squadron was more than happy for the hosting opportunity. “It’s the first time that we have an event of this magnitude, to which all ranks of the division come for a tour”, says First Lieutenant Sefi, the Apachi pilot who planned the meeting from the squadron’s side. The day itself ended with a look toward the future: “Next time, at our place”, promised commander of the division.