Farewell Rounds Farewell Rounds Farewell Rounds Farewell Rounds Hold your horns; it’s still not the time to hang up the uniform, though the Commander of the IAF has begun his rounds of goodbye to the Force. Major General Ido Nehoshtan arrived at the northern ‘Ramat David’ Airbase for his farewell visit, where he inaugurated a new landing strip after flying over the valley

Lilach Gonen

Sitting in the front seat, as always, putting on the headgear for the umpteenth time, fastening the seatbelt and there you go, flying into the sky. Yes, it’s all the same, but not this time. This takeoff wasn’t the usual routine-like one; it was the ‘Ramat David’ farewell takeoff for the Commander of the IAF, Ido Nehoshtan. The last time he will look down at the valley as Commander of the IAF. Yesterday, Major General Ido Nehoshtan commenced the round of farewell visits with the northernmost of the bases, ‘Ramat David’.

“I tried to look back over the last four years and had a really hard time summarizing them into a few words since we accomplished so much during this period of time”, said Major General Nehoshtan. “The Commander of the IAF truly sleeps, breaths, and lives the IAF. It becomes an inseparable part of him. You feel the personal responsibility for every piece of equipment and soldier”.

“I Want to Thank You”

During the visit, Major General Nehoshtan dropped by various units of the airbase, met with various people and flew, for the last time, over the valley. After landing, soldiers from various units greeted him. In addition, because of his honorable status, a ribbon was cut in the opening ceremony of the base’s new landing strip. “This farewell lies on a thin line between personal and professional”, said Commander of Ramat David airbase Colonel Nir Barkan. “On one hand, this is a very meaningful event: an IAF commander is concluding his service, the person who structures the character and spirit of the Force. On the other hand, I’ve known Major General Nehoshtan for many years and that’s the reason this event is also personal and emotional for me”.

While talking to the Aerial Crew and the various Officers of the base, Major General Nehoshtan reminisced the beginning of his journey with the IAF.
“My dialog with the IAF began when I was ten, during the Six Day War. I ran away from the shelter and saw IAF combat airplanes roaming the skies and understood that this would be the place for me”, said Major General Nehoshtan as he concluded:”I’m now completing 37 years of service with the IAF, and I want to thank the people of this base for their past, present and future work”.