February Around the World

February Around the World

February Around the World

Among the objects was the original camera used to record the historic land

February Around the World

Landed a “Pfeiffer” using an Ipad

The couple who landed a plane with an Ipad, airliner crash in Taiwan, Neil Armstrong’s bag of souvenirs, and the climbers who found the remains of a lost plane

Eilon Tohar | Translation: Eden Sharon

Disaster in Taiwan
In early January, an airliner crash in Taiwan claimed the lives of 43 people. The plane hit a bridge and dropped into a river only shortly after taking off from the capital Taipei to Kinmen islands with 58 passengers and crew members. Last July, another “Trans Asia” airplane crashed due to weather conditions, killing 48 people.


Aerial Caution
We all enjoy photographing ourselves in special situations, and a flight is definitely a moment to remember. But can a picture of that kind have destructive consequences? In May last year, a “Cessna” plane crashed in Colorado, leading to the death of the pilot and another passenger. Aviation inspectors recently announced that the cause of the accident was a “Selfie” photo taken with a cellphone during the flight. According to this assessment, the camera’s flash blinded the pilot who lost control over the light plane.

The Tablet that Saved my Life
Ingenuity in the air: The electrical system of the plane shut down, but the pilot and his wife managed to improvise a brilliant solution – using their Ipad. According to the “International business Times”, the couple was on its way from Wyoming to Wisconsin in their single-engine “Pfeiffer”, when the plane’s systems went offline. It was late and dark, and they had nothing but their Ipad to help them. Instead of losing their heads, the couple used the Ipad’s GPS system to land the plane safe and sound.

Neil Armstrong’s Moon Treasures
On July 20th, 1969, as part of the “Apollo 11” mission Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon. This February, more than 45 years later, it was reported the Carol Armstrong, the famous astronaut’s wife, found a bag containing objects used by her husband during the mission. Among the objects were a light bulb, a power cable, a mirror, and even the original camera that was used to record the historic land.

Surprising End to the Mystery
A group of mountaineers who were hiking the Andes, found the remains of the plane that flew the Chilean soccer team “Green Cross”, and crashed 54 years ago. 24 people died in that crash on April 1961, an accident that troubled Latin America and the soccer world. AP news agency recently reported that a group of hikers discovered some of the aircraft’s parts, 3,200 meters above the ground. The agency did not reveal the location of plane in order to avoid looting.

UAVs over Paris
a cloud of mystery is hanging over a bizarre story in France, involving Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that were seen flying over important sites in the Paris, including the Eiffel Tower and the U.S Embassy. Five small drones hovered above Paris during the night, vanishing before the police could get their hands on them. Three Al-Jazeera reporters were arrested last Wednesday due to suspicion they were connected to the mysterious event.