Fighting terror Fighting terror Fighting terror For years, the Summit on Counter-Terrorism of the Interdisciplinary Center in Hertzliya has been commenced with an opening ceremony in which executives and academics from all over the world participate. Yesterday, the summit began with a memorial ceremony, marking a decade since the day aerial terror changed our world

Tal Michael and Karen Tocatly

10 years have passed since the day the Land of Freedom shook and shuddered. Yesterday, the 11th Summit on Counter-Terrorism commenced in the IAF house, bringing together hundreds of security specialists, academics and terror specialist from various locations in the world. Knesset Member Tzipi Livni, head of the opposition, opened the annual memorial service in memory of 9/11.
“Every one of us remembers where he or she was that day. It took a while to realize that this was not a mere accident, but we quickly understood that these events would change the world”, said Knesset Member Livni. “We realized that the definition of victory needs to change and that terrorist attacks are based on a conflict of values. Terrorists are attempting to withhold our normal lifestyle”. Livni claims that the United States and Israel undoubtedly understand each other and are aware of the need to overthrow terrorism. “Our relationship with the United States is particularly important. I hope the U.S. will stand beside us during difficult times and am grateful for all the support and assistance”.

Identifying with Israel

Following Livni’s speech, the American attendants described the way dealing with terrorism that day, on the other side of the world.

“Tonight, as we stand here, we remember our loved ones and the many victims of that terrible day”, said Trent Franks, Member of the U.S. Congress and member of the Intelligence and Security Committee. “This is the time to mention that the State of Israel is a true partner of ours and we can’t help but identify with you and empathize over the severity of the terrorist attacks you’ve suffered. I want to personally and expressly thank you as a member of congress and as an American, for the benefits Israel has provided to the United States in military readiness assistance, intelligence gathering and so very much more. The Jewish state is a stable, reliable, credible, capable, predictable, democratic and non-conditional ally of the United States”.