First Simulator for F-35 Technicians

The F-35 is scheduled to arrive in Israel in 2017 The future JSF F-35 stealth jets will possess completely new operational capabilities, and the teams must know how to operate them. The F-35 training center will include simulators for the aircrews, and also – for technicians

Noa Fenigstein

The JSF F-35 “Adir” stealth jet, which is scheduled to arrive in Israel in two years, brings revolutionary operational changes. The first “Fifth generation” jet of the IAF holds unprecedented capabilities, and a change in the instructional methods is necessary.

At Nevatim Airbase, the building of the F-35 integrated training center has already begun. The center will include a simulator for aircrews together with a new, first-of-its-kind simulator for technicians. “The F-35 jet has a very complex structure. We have never had a plane with such advanced communication systems and structure.” It is as new to the technicians as it is to the pilots”, says Major Ohad, Head of the F-35 Operational Infrastructure Department. “The simulator will include computer-based trainings as well as frontal instructions in the fields of arming the jet and maintaining its engine, canopy and exhaust system. In addition, the first F-35 technicians will undergo firsthand training in the US in order to learn how to deal with the new jet in the best possible way.

The pilot simulator of the F-35 is unique as well. The entire qualification process will take place at the training center – from learning the flight basics to discovering the F-35’s full potential. “We will have an integrated simulator with four cockpits and a 360-degree panoramic field of view. It will also have planning and debriefing rooms, equipped with the entire operational communication networks of the jet, which are a major part of its abilities, along with a special training helmet”, says Major Ohad. “The future training center will be unusual in size and abilities by any Israeli standard”.