First Target Since Pillar of Defense This morning, an IAF aircraft targeted terrorist Hithem Zihad Ibrahim Masshal, who was involved with the rocket fire aimed toward Eilat last week. This has been the first target since operation Pillar of Defense, during which significant damage was caused to terrorist cells along the Gaza Strip

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Earlier today (Tuesday), for the first time since the end of operation Pillar of Defense, the IDF along with the ISA (Israel Security Agency, Shin Bet security service), prevented a terrorist attack from the Gaza area. IAF aircraft targeted Hithem Zihad Ibrahim Masshal- -an active terrorist born in 1989, who was involved in the rocket attack aimed at Eilat and other settlements around the Gaza Strip last week.

In the past, Masshal worked with various Jihad Salafi movements, and in recent years has been a key terror figure in Gaza. He was an ammunition expert who cooperated with extensive terrorist networks in Gaza. Masshal dealt with the manufacturing, development and commerce of various weapons and specialized in rocket arming and creating explosive devices which he transferred to different terrorist organizations for monetary reasons and in order to advance terroristic activity against the IDF and citizens of Israel. Masshal had assisted the Shura Council of the Mujahidin near Jerusalem, a Salafi organization that operated under the Jihad and has been involved in extensive terrorist attacks on Israeli citizens and soldiers in the past years.