A special team of narcotics crimes of Ayalon has suspects and arrest them. “Despicable offence against ישע”לפני missed about three weeks old 85 layer complained that silence was stolen from her in the doorway.
$ 3300, with pension money. Ayalon
נצ”מ gave, entered immediately on the establishment of a special team in the squad of late.
He says this is “despicable offense against, there was the power to catch the cunning gang
And to resist “.

The inquiry revealed that once
The elderly woman came to follow her bank four suspects from Colombia, and waited for
Fitness. Each of the four was part. The one watching, the second due to
After the last old and stole. After following her to the home entered her two
Of the suspects. One of them threw money bills on the floor, and turned his attention to the discarded bills.
And shrchna to raise money, stole the the complainant, who was placed on the treadmill.

Further investigation, some actions are visible and some
Implicit, collecting additional evidence against the suspects and complex operational activities are
Detected and stopped.
Investigations and intelligence division officer of Ayalon
Chief Kevin avnieli, commented that: “this is a sophisticated gang who used her innocence
And physical weakness.

Translated from Hebrew