Foreign reporters in Ramon Foreign reporters in Ramon About 30 foreign reporters from various networks around the world visited Ramon base this week.

Yuval Shoham | Translation: Nikolai Avrutov



The event, organized by the International relations unit of the IDF spokesperson office, and the communications unit at the IAF, hosted reporters from various news networks around the world such as BBC, NBC, Fox News and Al Jazeera.


“We wanted to introduce the army as something that is beyond the on-going conflict” says the head of the international unit, Maj. Avital Leibovich. “The purpose of the event is to introduce the pilots to the reporters, and show them the human aspect at this base, force, and army as a whole”.

Earlier, the reporters visited the “Magic Touch” and the “Negev” squadrons, and conducted filmed interviews with squadron’s commanders, and the air crews. The reporters asked questions about the routine work of the crews, about the training they underwent, and even about the moral dilemmas they are faced with. “This visit allows us to establish a balanced view about the air force and the IDF”, said the “Negev” squadron commander, Lt. Col. Amnon.

“It is an opportunity to show who we are – we are human beings”, added an air-crew member at the squadron, Lt. Arik. “It is an opportunity to show some of the positive we have and not only the negative that is constantly played on foreign news networks”.

Later in the day, the reporters watched a ‘Storm’ (F-16I) jets exercise and conducted a press conference with the air base commander, Col. Ziv.

“This is the first time the Al Jazeera reporter is entering an air-force base”, said Alias Karam, a reporter with the network. “It was very important for us to attend this event”.