Fourth Day of Operation “Protective Edge” Fourth Day of Operation “Protective Edge” Fourth Day of Operation “Protective Edge” Fourth Day of Operation “Protective Edge” The IAF’s objective is not a Knockout, but rather deterrence. Operation “Protective Edge” enters fourth the day and the IAF continues to gather and attack targets, in addition to active defense efforts

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During the night between Monday and Tuesday, at 1:00 AM (Israel time), the IDF started operation “Protective Edge”. Israeli jets carried out extensive attacks on terror targets in the Gaza Strip. Israel attempted to avoid confrontation but the continuous firing towards Israel forced military response.

Attacking terror Targets
Destroying the entire rockets arsenal in the Gaza Strip is a difficult, maybe impossible mission, so the IAF has to create the strategic situation in which Hamas will have no motivation to keep on firing rockets, even if it has any rockets left when the operation is over.

Combination of Forces
The operation is characterized by close cooperation between the Air-Force, the Intelligence division and the Southern Command, which is leading the campaign in the Gaza Strip.

People from all forces sit together for evaluation meeting and the information sharing creates high results that appear in the operational activity.

During the operation, the “Iron Dome” system works non-stop to protect the Israeli citizens. It is the most extensive activity of this active defense formation.

In comparison to operation “Pillar of Defense” in November 2012, the number of successful strikes of Hamas rockets is considerably lower, although the situation can change rapidly.

The “Iron Dome” system has a 90 percent successful interception rate, similarly to past operations.