Fourth Iron Dome Battery Fourth Iron Dome Battery Fourth Iron Dome Battery

The “Iron Dome” System “Iron Dome” batteries, which as a result of the escalation have been operating in southern Israel in the past days, are expected to receive another ally. A fourth battery will soon become operational and assist rocket interception efforts. For the first time, a female commander will head the battery

Shir Bram

The “Iron Dome” system, which was integrated into the IAF only a year ago, is about to expand: a new battery had begun its formation practice last month, in preparation for operational action. This battery will join the three others which have been operating in the past year in the Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva and Ashdod areas.

Captain Revital, a veteran officer in the Aerial Defense formation, will be the commander of the new battery. “I hoped to receive this role for so long, and I’m very proud of earning it”, she says. “Giving the residents of Israel a feeling of security is a great honor and an important mission, and that’s the message I want impart upon the soldiers serving at the battery”.

Captain Revital does not see the significance in being the first woman to command on an “Iron Dome” battery. “I feel like it’s very natural, because men and woman work together in this formation, from the very beginning”, she says. “There are female “Hawk” and “Patriot” commanders, so there’s no reason not to have a woman commander of an “Iron Dome” battery. There’s nothing different about it”.