From Anti-Aircraft to Aerial Defense

Iron Fist Missiles From Anti-Aircraft to Aerial Defense

The Hawk System From Anti-Aircraft to Aerial Defense

The Iron Dome System From Anti-Aircraft to Aerial Defense

The Patriot System At first, the Anti Aircraft Formation was diminutive, though it earned its place during the Israeli Gulf War while defending civilians. Ever since, the formation has kept evolving and expanding with new systems appropriate to relevant events

Shir Bram and Shir Golan

The past few years have become the paramount period for the Aerial Defense Formation. New systems such as the ‘Magic Wand’, ‘Iron Dome’ and ‘Iron Fist’ are gradually entering the Formation in hopes of speedy adaptation.

Meanwhile, the importance of the unit is ever-growing as it becomes one of the main formations defending Israel from missile attacks.

The significance of the formation was first noticed during the Israeli Gulf war. The threat of Iraqi Scuds was growing, at which point the option of purchasing an advanced Aerial Defense system was considered. Our only option: the Patriot.

Following an Israeli-American agreement, it was decided to create the first unit to be responsible for the assembly of a Patriot Battery.
The unit was operating in the United States when it was suddenly rushed to Israel and ordered to deploy the batteries across the country immediately. The Patriot system was called ‘PACK-2’, and was the upgrade to the older version, ‘PACK-1’. Aside from intercepting airplanes, the system could also intercept missiles. After the Gulf war, the Patriot system was implemented in the IDF for good.

The Hawk system is the longest-standing Anti Aircraft System in Israel and has been a part of the force since the 1960’s. Until the Patriot entered the force, the Hawk system was the only battery operating against airplanes. The Hawk system, has earned much respect and battle legacy, performing 28 and a half airplane interceptions, a very impressive record.

Layers of protection: Aerial Defense of the New Ages

The ‘Iron Fist’ provides protection against Ballistic Missiles. The ‘Iron Fist 2’, which is currently operating, is an enhanced system specified to intercept long-distance missiles. The system is soon to be upgraded and will become ‘Iron Fist 3’, a system containing significantly more sophisticated missiles. The Iron Fist, which is meant to intercept long distance missiles, completes the Aerial Defense Formation in missile-defense alongside the ‘Magic Wand’, which operates against missiles from medium distances, and the ‘Iron Dome’ which intercepts short-distance missiles.

The ‘Iron Dome’ system, which began operating only a few months ago, is meant to intercept short-distance missiles: Surface to Surface rockets. The Iron Dome was developed by “Rafael Advanced Defense Systems”, which works on continuously improving the system. The system’s launching structure is based on the build of an intelligent missile, which is based upon electromagnetic and electro optic devices.

The ‘Magic Wand’ is the future of the Aerial Defense Formation, and will become another layer of the protection forces. The Magic Wand system intercepts Surface to Surface missiles and rockets in the low-to-medium sky layer, Cruise Missiles and aircrafts in ranges that could defend the entire State of Israel.