From Meteor to Lightning: The 60 year anniversary From Meteor to Lightning: The 60 year anniversary From Meteor to Lightning: The 60 year anniversary From Meteor to Lightning: The 60 year anniversary The “First Jet” Squadron celebrates: Tonight, the squadron will mark 60 years since its establishment in the presence of Commander of the IAF and senior pilots. Three generations of aerial teams will enlighten the crowd about the camaraderie that has been holding the squadron together for 60 years. “This squadron is my second family”

Michal Khayut

The “First Jet Squadron” located in Ramat David celebrates its 60th birthday. The squadron got its name after being the first formation to operate the “meteor” jet airplanes. As the years went by, “Mirage”, F-16a/b and the F-16c planes have visited the underground hangers of the squadron and are operational to this day.

During the six decades of the squadron’s existence, it participated in many crucial missions such as the nuclear reactor bombing in Iraq, the 2006 Lebanon war, Operation Cast Lead etc.
“During Operation Pillar of Defense, each of the squadron’s fighters participated”, says Lieutenant Colonel G’, who has commanded the squadron over the past year. “Everyone came through, starting with the seniors who came for reserve duty, and pilots who just ended their operational qualification process. It’s a big part of our squadron, unlike anything I have ever seen before. The age range is very wide and that ensures that the legacy and tradition will be preserved”.

Over the years, dedication and brotherhood have become a part of the squadron, and everyone who goes through the squadron connects with the warm atmosphere.”When they call us, we report for duty. This squadron is like my second family”, explains with a smile Major (Res.) D’, a veteran pilot in the squadron. “I arrived at the squadron in the nineties, around the time the late Ilan Ramon arrived. Throughout the years, there have been quite a few milestones that I can remember. During the Gulf War, we weren’t operationally fit yet, but were on call. I am proud to be a part of the squadron”

This evening, at an event in the presence of the Commander of IAF, the squadron will celebrate brotherhood and professional achievements. “The event is important to me”, explained Captain D’, a pilot in the squadron. “It’s exciting because the squadron is important to me, also this evening we’ll be able to see generations of veterans of the squadron who are returning tonight for the festivities.”

Commander of the IAF, Major General Amir Eshel will be hosted this evening at the 60th anniversary of the squadron. “On the 60th anniversary, the squadron is a central force in the lethal capabilities of the IAF. The present and the future pose significant challenges, complex options and many question marks” Commander of the IAF, Major General Amir Eshel, said in honor of the anniversary.