Have you always dreamt of flying Helicopters? Do you get excited every time an airplane takes off? Can’t wait for the day the “F-35 Lightening II” lands in Israel? Maybe you can make your dreams come true faster than you think. Introducing gadgets that are reserved for true aeronautical fanatics

May Efrat

For the Inventive:

If you have followed every stage taken toward the JSP deal and know every detail about the “F-35 Lightening II”. If you’re holding your breath until the moment it reaches Israel’s borders, this next gadget is just for you.

You can do all the research about the new IAF combat plane by maneuvering your own F-35 shaped computer mouse. The manufacturers say that not only is the design impressive, well-designed and include enhanced lighting fixtures but is a comfortable, practical device that can be plugged easily into any computer’s USB port.
Obviously, you can stop surfing now and begin take-off.

Gadgets from the Aerial World

For the Juvenile:

Some of us don’t consider paper airplanes an immature field. Were you the ones who didn’t reach your potential in cafeteria competitions? If so–don’t lose faith! If you haven’t been blessed with a good arm you can always count on the wonders of technology.
England’s Middlesex University delivers a very unique device: an electronic paper airplane launcher. Your job is to fold the paper airplane, place it in the launcher take a sit, and watch it fly 50 kilometers per hour.

Gadgets from the Aerial World

For the Wealthy:

If you have always wanted to fly a plane but the “Pilot Training Course” seems far off, you might be happy to find out that you can make a helicopter take flight with one touch. All you need is a smart phone with an Apple or Android system, and you can direct your aircraft anywhere you’d like. The AR.Drone Helicopter has its own Wi-Fi, which you can link to your device to and start flying. Two cameras are placed on the plane in order give the player a really sense of flying and in order to observe the view from down below. If you feel like playing indoors, your mother’s china isn’t in risk at all–a special outer coating will protect the aircraft and other objects from a surprise clash.

If you can already feel the adrenaline pumping in your body, it might be time to remind you that this unique invention will cost your around 300 Dollars. A pricey hobby, isn’t it?

Gadgets from the Aerial World

For the Busy:

Transferring pictures from your camera, synchronizing your iPhone, moving documents to a USB drive and updating your playlist at the same time?

You aeronautical fans will be excited to hear that an airplane-shaped multiple USB port has been invented. Putting aside the four ports that look like engines, you will enjoy a miniature propeller placed in front of the airplane which serves as a fan when needed. If all of the above isn’t enough, the special device will make airplane-sounds when connected to a cable. Prepare to fly!

Gadgets from the Aerial World