Good bye & Thank you Good bye & Thank you Meir Dagan, who completed his role as head of the Agency for Intelligence and Special Roles (Mossad) was invited by the Air force for a farewell ceremony

At a modest event held under IAF commander, Major General Ido Nehushtan, Dagan concluded eight successful years in office and spoke with a forum of senior commanders from the corps. During the farewell, the outgoing Mossad chief spoke of the great importance of the air force, referring to it as a strategic arm of the IDF, and expressed confidence in its activity.

Members of the forum gave a unique gift to the outgoing Mossad chief: a picture of the many special operations executed while the air force and Mossad joined forces.

The gift also included another picture, one that was hung in Dagan’s office, in which you can see his grandfather kneeling before Nazi soldiers in Poland during World War II. Dagan related to this picture, taken before his grandfather was murdered, as a guiding force to understanding the deep commitment to ensuring no person will again threaten the Jewish people. Next to his grandfather’s picture, the forum placed a picture of the “Storm” plane (F-16I) during a night flight.

Born to Holocaust survivors in Russia in 1945, he was originally named Meir Huberman by his parents. In 1963, he enlisted in the IDF Paratroopers. During the Six Day War, he commanded a company of paratroopers in battles in the Sinai. Towards the end of the war, he took part, together with his soldiers, in the conquering of the Golan Heights. In 1970, he established the “Grenade” unit, created to fight Palestinian terror in the Gaza Strip.

During his service, Dagan was awarded with the medal of bravery, given in honor of his overpowering a terrorist attempting to blow up a grenade next to him and his soldiers. Later, he served as the commander of liaison unit in Lebanon and as the head of the campaigns division in the general staff. He was appointed head of the Mossad in 2002.