Good Morning Sardinia Good Morning Sardinia Good Morning Sardinia Good Morning Sardinia Good Morning Sardinia Israeli Air Force Continues to Fly Far and Wide. “Baz” (F-15) “Netz”(F-16A/B) and “Eitam” (air traffic control Gulfstream G-550) planes, took part in a joint exercise conducted with the Italian Air Force in Sardinia. The training was organized over two full weeks of exercises, which included expanded professional capabilities and flights in unfamiliar airspace

Yuval Shoham, Photographer: Carmel Horovitz, Translated by: Stephan Miller

The Israeli Air Force took part in a wide ranging training with the Italian Air Force on the Island of Sardinia. The “Golden Eagle” and “Defenders of the South” squadrons from Nevatim base participated in the two week training, operating Netz planes, as well as the “Double Tail Knights” and “Spearhead” squadrons from Tel Nof base, operating Baz planes.

Also joining the exercise was the ‘Nachshon’ squadron that arrived to the deployment with the “Eitam” plane. This exercise marked the first deployment of the “Nachshon” squadron abroad. The Italian Air Force deployed their most advanced combat planes – Eurofighter, AMX, Tornado, and F-16 throughout the exercise.

The goals of the exercise were to improve operational capabilities of the Israeli Air Force, train in a wide unfamiliar airspace against foreign platforms and systems, learn from foreign air forces and become familiar with combat theories of NATO and to strengthen cooperation with the Italian Air Force.

The exercise in Sardinia instilled in the Israeli pilots the ability to practice in open and unfamiliar airspace. The exercise was part of the many exercises abroad by the IDF and IAF that occur annually in cooperation with foreign militaries and air forces throughout the world.

“The area of the exercise was wide and completely unknown”, said Col. A. commander of the Israeli delegation. “When I fly in Israel, I know where to be careful, where the hills below me are, and where I am at every moment. The air space for training in Israel is very small compared to the training areas here, which are more or less the size of the entire State of Israel. Here the area is completely foreign to me, I don’t recognize anything. Here there are many elements of pressure and uncertainty, things that are very difficult to imagine in Israel because the terrain is so well known”.