Graduates of IAF Aviation Course 165 Only moments before the graduates of 2012 IAF aviation course take stand and receive their desirable wings, the IAF magazine gives you a sneak peek of their backgrounds: A religious navigator, an outstanding pianist and a snow skiing contestant

In a few countless days they will officially become IAF aerial team members. The IAF Magazine got a chance to have a closer look of their lives: who are the graduates of IAF Aviation Course 165? Apparently, aside of being eldest brothers, residents of central Israel and mathematical students you’d be able to find the first religious female navigator, an outstanding pianist, a fluent Yiddish speaker and a snow skiing competitor. Want to know a little more?

Where are they from?
– Graduates of Course 165 were educated in schools from all around the country: 63% of the graduates are from central Israel, 27% live in the north and only 10% are from the south. From the farthest ends are First Lieutenant L’ from Metulla (North) and First Lieutenant S’ from Sde Boker (South).
– France, United States of America, Denmark and Ukraine are countries in which 13% of the graduates where born in.

What about their family?
-Once again, eldest brothers are back at the top of the list and compose 48% of the graduates. 35% are middle brothers and 17% are the youngest brothers.
-7% are related to an aerial team member. First Lieutenant Y’s sister also in the midst of the journey for the wings.

What about women?
Like previous courses the female representation will be noticed: four women will be graduating the upcoming course. First Lieutenant T’ is the first combat navigator who joins the 16% of the graduates who consider themselves religious.

What about Hobbies:
– For most graduates love of music reaches endless limits. For example First Lieutenant P’ and first Lieutenant L’ played in the same band. First Lieutenant G’ is an outstanding pianist who won third place in the national Chopin competition.
– 71% of the graduates have been athletes for years and enjoy different sports. 21% love running, 18% play basketball, 13% prefer soccer and 10% ride bicycles. Amongst the graduates you may find First Lieutenant Y’ which will be part of the Israeli snow skiing team.
– First Lieutenant E’ and First Lieutenant N’ are probably not intimidated by height of flight, since they enjoy rock climbing. The two join 26% of the graduates who love touring around the country.