“Great Chance For Us”

“Great Chance For Us”

“Great Chance For Us”

Lt. Gen. Alexander Schnitger, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, visited Israel this week. He visited the Hatzor Airbase and the Advanced Mission Simulator stationed there, as well as the ISDEF security Expo

Noa Fenigstien

Lt. Gen. Alexander Schnitger, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, visited Israel this week to experience and learn about the IAF and the Israeli Defense Industries as part of the ISDEF Expo.
During his visit, Lt. Gen. Schnitger traveled to the Hatzor Airbase and there he tested the Advanced Mission Simulator designed by Elbit Systems, as well as was given a tour of the “Scorpion” Squadron, which operates the F-16 C/D fighter jets.

“A central part in the security of Europe and Holland in particular, depends on the situation in the Middle East”, he said. “Due to this fact, we need to grow closer, so as we can learn from one another and together come up with ways to handle the stormy situation in the region”, he told Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel, Commander of the IAF.

The Royal Netherlands Air Force operates several of the same aircraft as the IAF: the F-16, the “Hercules” heavy transport plane, the “Apache” attack helicopter and, like the IAF, is expected to operate the F-35 stealth fighter in the near future.

“We, as well as the IAF, are about to take a serious jump into the future with new systems and the most advanced fighter jet in the world”, Said Lt. Gen. Schnitger. “As part of this jump, we all need to increase the efficiency of our forces, both military as well as financially. The land based mission simulator designed by ‘Elbit’ is a great example of this and could be of great use of our Air Force as well”.

“A chance to get exposed to brilliant ideas”
ISDEF Expo is an international security exhibition aimed at exposing officials from around the world to the Israeli Defense Industries and assist in the forming of security and commercial cooperation between the participating forces.
“We always stay curious”, said Lt. Gen. Schnitger. “There are a lot of new technologies and developments and it is a great chance for us to get exposed to brilliant ideas of little companies which enrich the industry”.

ISDEF was attended by many other representatives from around the globe, including other foreign Air Forces Commanders, attachés and high-ranking officers.It displayed a variety of developments in the field of aviation, including gliders for short-distance intelligence missions used mainly by security companies. In addition, the ISDEF presented low-cost, easy-to-operate unmanned aerial vehicles and a foreign object detecting systems for runways.