Green Sun Lights

“claiming that the IAF doesn’t pollute is more than just a saying” Green Sun Lights

“Project “Blue Builds Green”, the Photovoltaic System at the “School of Aerial Defense The photovoltaic system has been installed in the Aerial Defense school and will soon be implemented in additional bases

Shir Aharon Bram | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

The Photovoltaic System – An innovative method of producing electricity from sunlight continues to develop and for the first time was implemented in the IAF School of Aerial Defense.

The Photovoltaic System is very important to the IAF, which began use of the cells in the IAF museum and will continue on spreading the method across the IAF airbases.

The School of Aerial Defense was satisfied that their base had been turned “green” and determined that from now on there will be a direct use of the sun’s light to produce electricity in hope of helping the environmental difficulties, making the electricity system more efficient and saving money.

“Applying the Photovoltaic System isn’t only going to help us financially, it’s also fruition of the values we in the IAF believe in”, said Colonel Yoni Sayda-Marom, Commander of Aerial Defense School. “Using the Photovoltaic System we can create a better work space for commanders, leaving out disturbing noises, generators and all sorts of pollutions. We educate our soldiers on the “green” prospective and the environmental information so that they learn and use it for the rest of their lives”.

Look Far and See Green

The application of the Photovoltaic System is a part of the “Blue Builds Green” IAF initiative that was formed in order to support the “Green” phenomenon.
The IAF believes that using the sun’s light for energy is the right approach. “There are many other great ideas that we are willing to explore in order to support our environment, such as the “Termosolari” facility in the “Nevatim” airbase”, says Major Eitan Bason, Project officer of “Blue Builds Green”, “This way, claiming that the IAF doesn’t pollute is more than just a saying”.