Hagana’s “Sherut Ha’avir”

Yehoshu’a Eshel, head of Sherut Ha’avir The order is issued for the establishment of Sherut Ha’avir


The acceptance of the Shechtman-Remez Plan was a crucial step in the establishment of an aerial defense array for the approaching war. On November 10th 1947, Chief of Staff Ya’acov Dori (Dostrovsky) issued the order for founding Sherut Ha’avir, the Air Service. The order proclaimed that the Hagana Command had “decided to create a regular aerial force, as of the date of promulgation of this order, which shall be called Sherut Ha’avir”. The order also called upon the head of the newly founded Sherut, Yehoshu’a Eshel (Izik), to immediately put forth his recommendations for the people to be appointed to key positions, and quote the budgetary requirements for immediate implementation of the Shechtman-Remez Plan.