High in the Sky

A model of the “Chinook” helicopter High in the Sky

Commander of the Aerial Defense Formation, Brigadier General Doron Gavish High in the Sky

The V-22 examined by the IAF A giant satellite that will crash on earth at an unknown date, the next stage of the “Iron Dome”, the “David’s Sling” and a laser to bring down aircrafts and missiles. Executives of security industries congregated at the Aviation & Space convention, discussing threats, developments and inventions that will change the aviation world

Tal Michael

The Aviation & Space Convention is the second annual event of “technologies” Co.”, which focused mostly on Aerial Defense. The missile formulators, engineers and aerial defense executives addressed issues concerning the threats surrounding enemy territory.

“For the past decade, the Aerial Defense Formation has concentrated mostly on the problems that are developing around us: weapons for mass destruction, planes and UAVs”, said Brigadier General Doron Gavish, Commander of the Aerial Defense Formation.

“The Formation has gone through so many changes during the past few years in order to adapt to the harsh surroundings of our country. We have to understand that the defense isn’t absolute, after all, technology is nothing but technology, though we try to learn as quickly as possible from our mistakes”.

The Aerial Defense Formation has gone a long way in the past decade and there will be more progress in the next two years. “The division of the sky into three layers of protection allows us to treat the opposed threats in a more direct and accurate manner”, says Major General (res.) Ilan Biran, Senior President of “Rafael Advanced Defense System”.

The “Arrow” missile is progressing, the “Iron Dome” is being implemented and the “David’s Sling” system could become operational by 2015. The system can intercept any ballistic missile, heavy rocket, enemy aircraft or cruise missile. This system could become the backup option for whatever is circulating around the atmosphere and is a part of outer space threats. The “Iron Dome” continues developing and receiving new changes in content and systemization.

Israel in Space

The other seats of the assembly were occupied with people deliberating on various topics concerning outer space.
“A Russian Satellite is orbiting around space containing about 10 tons of ‘Hydrazine’ and could crash into earth in the next few months”, says Meidad Frienta, Head of “Specialist”, which specializes in outer space evaluations “Many countries don’t want to take responsibility for the satellite, so now the European Space Agency is going to have to deal with it and prevent a destructive explosion”.

At the end of the assembly, Minister of Science, Rabbi Professor Daniel Hershkovitz, displayed Israel’s position from space. “As of today, the number of Israeli visual satellites is larger than the number of European Satellites, half of the number of American Satellites. Israel is a space empire”.