The boys and girls who are at risk on the tutorials and workshops and subjected to police work in order to shield them from the circle of res. pshiaaproickt (PD.
Israel youth) actually succeeded. Last Thursday came a group of boys and girls
From Holon who are at risk for the graduation project in the province. The ceremony was attended by Mayor אמ”ש stands
Discovered: 1 head, er, Aaron axol iron and from from Tel Aviv, תנ”צ
Yoram Ohayon.

The program boys and girls to
The police and learned to recognize State institutions in order to enable them to choose the right life path with
The future safer.
Young also learn Krav Maga, visited the province,
Conducted joint workshops for seniors Club, anger control and police visited the shelter,
The National Police College, the Knesset, Levinstein House etc.

This is the fourth cycle that ends in
Ayalon. The project was entrusted to serve District Commander in Holon benbenisti, sergeant major, in cooperation
Youth Promotion Department.

Translated from Hebrew