Five were detained for questioning in connection with gas canisters in illegal and dangerous, causing an explosion which injured a girl 10שוטרי North combined gas Manager teams of infrastructure server today (Wednesday) seized more than 300 balon, disposal of unauthorized gas technician. Additionally, seized two trucks and a van used to transport and transport of gas balloons not according to others. Five suspects were detained during the operations.

Installing marketing and gas connections installed without permits and accreditation. On November 13 explosion at a private house in the village, which was hit by a 10-year-old girl. Following the explosion and during the day, two suspects were arrested, the villagers, who were responsible for the pirate and the gas connection. One of the suspects is responsible for causing a similar gas explosion in the village tur’an which caused the death of
Locally, as the indictment against him and he was judged for it.
As stated again, along with other detained on suspicion of installing that caused the blast which injured
The girl in November. Investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Translated from Hebrew