Two diplomas awarded for excellence in government service as part of a discussion on the science and Technology Committee of the Israel chnstamshtert won today (Tuesday) to two diplomas for excellence in government service. Hundreds of government computers in 2015 service awarded by the Committee of science and technology, as part of a discussion held on the subject in the Knesset Committee.

The Committee coordinates government reports available for measuring supply services of government agencies and Government service quality measurement. Israel Police won first place in two different categories: telephone service and frontal.

In both cases the certificate for excellence in providing quality services and improving the service. The Israel Police received certificates on behalf of the head of the unit to improve the quality of service, Chief, Adriaan who came to participate in the discussion in Committee.

Merit certificates signed by the Deputy Director General of the Prime Minister, head of government authority and manages ICT to improve government service to the public.

Translated from Hebrew