IAF commander in France IAF commander in France IAF commander in France IAF commander in France The Air force commander, Maj. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, visited France this week. Between a meeting with the French Chief of General Staff, and representatives of the Jewish community, he also flew on a Mirage Jet

Translation: Nikolai Avrutov

As part of an international cooperation with foreign air forces, Maj. Gen. Nehushtan went on a four-day work visit at the French air force.

During the visit, Maj. Gen Nehushtan met with the French Chief of General Staff, Air Force Commander, Five Star General Jean-Paul Palomeros, and other officials of the force. In addition, Maj. Gen. Nehushtan met with representatives of the French Jewish Community, Israeli ambassador to France, and even gave an interview to the local press.

Maj. Gen Nehushtan toured the French air command center in Paris, and at the Orange Flight Academy, where he flew on a Mirage 2000B jet – a very unique experience. He also toured the Air Traffic Control Center in Lyon and the Air Force Flight Academy in Provence. Nehushtan was very impressed with the French flight training program.

With the busy schedule, Maj. Gen. Nehushtan only had a glimpse at the beauty of Paris, as he flew above it in a helicopter of the anti-terrorist squadron.

The visit was said to be a success at furthering the cooperation between the two country’s air forces. France is known for its great contribution in the development of the Israeli air force in its early years, both through the supply of French-made aircraft, as well as in the support and cooperation during operation “Kadesh” (The Suez Crisis in Oct. 1956).