IAF Commander Visits Wounded Soldier

Hagar and Commander of the IAF IAF Commander Visits Wounded Soldier

“The certificate of excellence is given to you for professionalism and personal example”


First Sergeant Hagar Zohar, an Aerial Defense instructer, was chosen to be one of the President’s honorary soldiers, but wasn’t able to receive her award, as she was involved in an accident on Mount Herzl. Today, Commander of the IAF came to grant her the certificate personally

Commander of the IAF, Major General Ido Nehoshtan, arrived this morning to Hadasa Ein Carem Hospital in order to personally grant First Sergeant Hagar Zohar, who was injured by the collapsing of lighting poles on Mount Herzl, the ‘Honorary Soldier’ certificate that the President of Israel awarded her. Hagar serves the as an instructor in the Academy of Aerial Defense, and specializes in Surface-to-Air missiles. She was chosen to be one of the president’s mentionable soldiers, but wasn’t able to arrive to the ceremony due to her injury. Thus, commander of the IAF arrived to complete the gesture. “Im granting you the certificate of excellence due to your professionalism and personal example”, said Major General Nehoshtan as he awarded the certificate to Hagar, “I give this to you with all the love and appreciation that I and the IAF feel for you. I thank you and wish you a rapid recovery”.

The Commander of the IAF was glad for the opportunity to visit her and meet her family. Hagar’s parents and two younger brothers, who live in New York, arrived in Israel after the incident and were very moved by Major General Nehoshtan’s visit. “We were blessed with so many miracles”, said Hagar’s father. “The first miracle was the branches on the tree, which prevented the pole from crashing onto the ground and hurting Hagar’s head. Another miracle was that one of the other ceremony participants was a doctor who gave her CPR and saved her life”.

“Hagar’s recovery time could last a long time but as of today she’s stable and well”, explained one of her doctors to Major General Nehoshtan. “She was lucky to be wearing tall warrior shoes, they saved her feet”. Hagar began her way as a fighter of the Aerial Defense and operated in the “Hawk’ battery. Afterward, she led new recruits and recently became a leading instructor within the Academy.