IAF Concludes Officer Course IAF Concludes Officer Course

After Receiving the Officer Ranks IAF Concludes Officer Course

The New Officers Take the Stage IAF Concludes Officer Course

Commander of the IAF, Major General Ido Nehoshtan Over 110 Officers will join the commanding lines of the IAF. They now receive their official officer ranks in a traditional ceremony in Uvda Airbase. The ceremony will seal the entire journey toward the silver lines threads that mark their shoulders

Shai Rosenfeld

The latest course was filled with a wide variety of people with hometowns ranging from Metula to Eilat in Israel. On a wider scale, one of the cadets actually immigrated to Israel from Iran at age 16. “It was important for me to join the IDF. We have no other country but this one, only the IDF can protect us”, said First Lieutenant Benny, a new officer in the technical formation. “The urge to become an officer had already begun when I was first recruited. Operating as an officer is more than meets the eye, more than being just another soldier”. Hanna, similarly, immigrated to Israel from Germany only four years ago. During the course, Hanna became her Hebrew-German dictionary’s best friend in order to understand the instructed material.

Sealing Three Months

Various flags decorated the designated ceremony’s stage at Uvda Airbase. Formal speeches were made by Commander of the IAF Major General Ido Nehoshtan, Commander of the Airbase Colonel Avi and Commander of the ‘Officer Academy’ Lieutenant Colonel Tziki Schechter. All speakers congratulated the new officers, beginning with the youngest who is 19 and concluding with the eldest at 28.
After completing three months in ‘Officer’s Training Base 1’, they arrived at Uvda Airbase where they experienced the last stages of the course while beginning to focus on their specialties. Throughout the course, they received the basic tools for their future roles, cementing the image of the officer they would like to become, which may very well be one infused with values and chockfull of leading and commanding qualities.