IAF Disperses Warning Leaflets IAF Disperses Warning Leaflets

Leaflets dispersed over Beirut in the 2006 Lebanon War IAF Disperses Warning Leaflets

A-4 Skyhawk. “The locations of dispersion are carefully planned, of course” IAF Disperses Warning Leaflets

Leaflets disperesed over Nablus during the first Intifida This morning the IAF dispersed leaflets in various locations around Gaza Strip. The proclamations call for civilians to stay away from terrorist target areas and emphasize that Hamas is responsible for the situation in Gaza. “For your own safety, take responsibility for your life and abstain from approaching terrorist organizations”

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Skyhawk airplanes of the “Flying Tiger” Squadron dispersed proclamation leaflets over various locations in the Gaza Strip. The proclamations are directed towards citizens of the strip, warning them to stay far from Hamas operative points and other terror organizations that risk their lives and safety. The proclamations emphasize Hamas’s responsibility for the escalations in the area and that the IDF will take all measures in order to insure the safety of all Israeli civilians.

The text translates as follows: “An important message to the residents of the Gaza Strip–for your own safety, take control of your fate and avoid approaching Hamas activists, facilities or other terrorist organization centers that risk your safety. Hamas is yet again dragging the area into an escalation and bloodshed. The IDF is determined to protect Israeli civilians. This warning is valid until quiet is restored to the area. The Israeli Defense Forces Command.”

The Flying Tiger during Code Red: From Instruction to Attack

On regular days, the “Flying Tiger” squadron operates as an instructional squadron responsible for training young pilots. But, as soon as the “Code Red” alarm sounds, the squadron is transformed into one of many operational squadrons and is also responsible for dispersing warning leaflets. “We disperse the proclamation leaflets at a particular altitude and in appropriate speed so that the wind carries the leaflets to their destination”, says previous commander of the squadron to the IAF Magazine. “The location of the dispersion has to be planned in a very precise manner”.

Dispersing proclamation leaflets is the most immediate and routine tool the IDF uses in order to communicate with the civilian population, and was used during the second Lebanon War and in Operation Cast Lead. Leaflets are dispersed routinely, such as in the case of the safety leaflet dispersed last month over Gaza, asking civilians to stay away from the area’s major fence for their safety.