IAF operational activity during 2001

* During 2001 the IAF combat planes and helicopters executed 92 attack missions – 85 were carried out in the Gaza strip and the West Bank while seven were executed in Lebanon

* Of the 85 carried out in the West bank and Gaza strip, 66 were carried out by combat helicopters and 19 by combat planes

* All seven attack missions in Lebanon were carried out by combat planes

* IAF assault helicopters carried out 186 search and rescue missions

* 61 of these were in the Territories, during which 54 persons were evacuated

* 125 were within Israel, during which 99 persons were evacuated

* In 2001, in light of the intense activities in the Territories, the contribution of the IAF’s UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) squadrons was strongly felt – they performed 395 sorties

* For the first time in eight years, and for the third time since it’s founding in 1948, the IAF closes a year without any fatal air accidents.

-Data was provided by the IAF’s History and Information Branch and is true for December 16th 2001