IAF Responds with Attack on Gaza

“Iron Dome” batteries were deployed to the South IAF Responds with Attack on Gaza

The IAF has attacked terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip Dozens of rockets were fired on Israel in the past days, and the IAF responded with attacks on a number of terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip. In a joint operation of the IDF and the General Security Services, Muhammad Rashuan, a Global Jihad activist, was killed

Shir Aharon Bram

Approximately 30 rockets and mortar bombs landed yesterday on Southern Israeli residential areas. One of the rockets hit a home in the Negev Fields area, whose residents suffered from shock. On Tuesday, a rocket that hit a constructed area in the western Negev critically injured a border guard officer and moderately injured three other officers in the area. Additional rockets fell onto open fields.

In response to the fire, the IAF attacked a number of terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip this morning and throughout the night. “Iron Dome” batteries arrived at the southern area in order to defend the residencies. “We’ve deployed the batteries and they are all now on full alert and doing their job”, said an executive officer in the Aerial Defense Formation. “We hope that this will give a better response to deep route fire from the Gaza Strip”.

“Recent events have found us prepared and responsive”, says Commander of the Active Defense Wing, Colonel Zvika Haimovich, “Within 24 hours we have thickened and supplemented all our preparations, including deployment to an entirely new area. We’re talking about a well-oiled machine that works well because of the fighters, the technicians and the entire ‘Iron Dome’ formation. We don’t promise a protection rate of 100%, and emphasize that it is important to comply with the instructions of the Home Front Command to enter shelters; the link between the Center for Ballistic Photo Management, ‘Iron Dome’ batteries and careful behavior of citizens can lead to better protection”.

Beyond defending the residents of the area, yesterday (Wednesday) marked a joint activity of the IDF and the General Security Service, in which the IAF attacked a Global Jihad activist who was involved in an attack on the system separation wall on the Israeli-Egyptian border this week, in which an Israeli citizen was killed. The activist Muhammad Rashuan, who was deemed a central participant in the attack, was a part of the “Tuhid and Jihad” organization, which is a part of the Global Jihad and has been involved in extensive terrorist activity in the past years. Rashuan’s activity included providing munitions to terrorists, firing deep routes toward the State of Israel, sniper attacks, firing mortar bombs and sneaking terrorist factors from the Gaza Strip and to it. Aaleb Armilath, Rashuan’s assistant, was also killed in the attack.