IAF Technology Education IAF Technology Education IAF Technology Education The IAF prides itself on its advanced technology and its large, professional Technological Branch. Around a decade ago, the force started technology classrooms in schools all over Israel in order to preserve the quality of its personnel. Nowadays, these classes constitute 23% of the technological education in Israel: 7,500 students who are the future of the IAF


Technological education in Israel is developing and the IAF, which every year drafts hundreds of soldiers into technological professions, has been engaged for years in the development of youth in the field of technology.
Besides the two of the IAF’s schools-in Haifa and Beersheba- the IAF has opened in the last decade 50 branches across the country, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.

The technological branches are a complex project involving many partners: the Ministry of Education, local cities and councils and the ORT and AMAL schools, which have been holding a dialogue on setting up these classes throughout the country. Major General Amir Eshel, the Commander of the IAF, recently visited three schools in order to hear what the students had to say about the path they have chosen.

The “Nativ Noam” School in Gedera is the first religious school to integrate religious girls into the program. This is a breakthrough and the girls are filled with motivation and are satisfied with the opportunity given to them. The school reported to the commander of the force a 100% draft-rate into the IDF and took pride in its worldview: “The sky is the limit”.

The Fighter Pilot Who Wanted To Be In the “Golani” infantry Brigade

At the “Branco Weiss” School in Beit Shemesh, the school director claims that most of her students never thought of serving in the IAF and now this is an opportunity for them to make a dream come true.
Around 50 high school students wearing IAF uniforms study at the Beit Shemesh school, where the studies focus on three areas of success: industry, academics and the military life. At “Branco Weiss”, the IAF Commander inaugurated a new computer lab and one of the students asked him if he knew as a kid that he wanted to be a Major General. Major General Eshel smiled back and answered that he didn’t even know that he would be a pilot-he wanted to draft into the “Golani” infantry brigade.

The “Amal” School in Dimona greeted the IAF Commander with great excitement. Around 90 high school student, half of whom were girls interested in whether the force offers girls equal opportunity. “You can do anything in the IAF”, Major General Eshel assured them and explained the new developments designed to facilitate their service: lighter ladders to carry, wheels to carry fuel pipes and more.

“You will operate the F-35 and the V-22”

“Technological education is immensely important”, concluded the IAF Commander. “This is a social national project of which we are very proud. The quality of the IAF is not determined by its advanced technology, but by its excellent personnel. You are our future generation; you will operate the future F-35 fighter jets and the V-22 Tilt rotor. These schools are a national mission that combines education and security and makes you better students and citizens. The IAF sees this as a great privilege and will continue to expand technological education across the country”.