IAF Volunteers Complete Basic Training

Deaf and hard-of-hearing soldiers were also drafted, and will be integrated into the IAF Headquarters IAF Volunteers Complete Basic Training

I’m looking forward to my service at 669 IAF Volunteers Complete Basic Training

The largest IDF volunteer draft in 2012 There are currently 350 volunteers serving in the IAF, the highest number amongst all IDF forces. Today, dozens more soldiers join the lines: “Motivation can trump capability”

Shir Golan | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

160 volunteers were drafted to the IDF in the past month. 70 of them have already changed their uniforms to IAF beige: In the coming week, they will be placed in the IAF’s various units and squadrons and fulfill a variety of roles in the force.

“I have a low medical profile, and that’s why I couldn’t go to a combat unit”, says Private Tomer Kimchi, a 19-year-old from Hertzliya, who hoped to become a fighter in the 669 Search & Rescue unit. He may not be able to become a fighter, but will soon arrive at the same unit as a fighting instructor and experience its activity from a different point of view. “I looked for the place I could contribute the most to”, says Tomer, “And I heard about this role. After passing interview rounds I was accepted, and was very happy. I’m looking forward to my service there”.

After completing basic training, the volunteers will be scattered at a plethora of roles. Amongst others, a weaponry commander, an operations clerk, a flight inspector, a photographer for the IAF Magazine and an intelligence and navigation commander will soon begin their IAF careers. “The volunteer population is very much in demand in the IDF and in the IAF in particular”, explained Major Galit Shachar, Head of the Flight-Administration Crew Division at human resources. “Most of the volunteers are very highly motivated to serve, and motivation can trump capabilities. Behind every volunteer there is personal treatment, complex and deep, starting with telephone communication and particular integration advisory, with accordance to the volunteer. From our point of view, it is the embodiment of the vision of the people’s army”.