IAF’s Next Generation IAF’s Next Generation

“Photo by: “Ort Aviation Technology and Space

IAF’s Next Generation

The cadets begin their day with a roll call

“Photo by: “Ort Aviation Technology and Space

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In honor of International Children’s Day: Meet the students who chose to wear uniforms in the ninth grade and be a part of the IAF technological high schools

Talya Yariv | Translation: Eden Sharon

The cadets of “Ort Aviation Technology and Space” high school begin their day with a roll call, after which they enter the classrooms for theoretical and vocational studies. This specific school is home to 460 uniformed students from tenth grade and beyond, who account for 85% of the students. The cadets wear the beige IAF uniform and are disciplined according to military guidelines.

“Our goal is to give the cadets a sense of belonging and motivation, coupled with enjoyment”, says Master sergeant Nir Levi, Commander of the cadets. “Our students seek the order and discipline found in the IAF. The process is difficult at first, but the students ultimately become professionals in their fields”.

On the one hand, it seems that being subject to military discipline during high school can make the studying more challenging, but on the other hand, the students acquire skills that will help them in their military service and beyond. “There’s no doubt that this program is suitable for a certain type of person”, noted Stav Yatzkan, an eleventh grade cadet. “Despite the difficulty, the practice of army discipline is an excellent preparation for my service and even helps me at home”.

Knowing Where You’re Going
The school faculty consists of commanders and uniformed soldiers trained as instructors. The instructors work in cooperation with the homeroom teachers and are in charge of the military aspects of studying. Furthermore, the instructors conduct enrichment classes. “There was never an instance in which I asked for help and didn’t get it”, says Adir Martziano, an eleventh grade cadet. “Despite the discipline, the instructors help us with all of their hearts”.

The cadets will go on to serve as technicians in the IAF. The studies at “Ort Aviation Technology and Space” begin in the tenth grade and in the twelfth grade the students are given the possibility of studying for two more years or alternatively enlisting in the IAF as technicians.

“It’s reassuring for me to know exactly where I am going to serve”, says Yarin Martziano, a twelfth grade cadet. “I’m proud to be a part of the IAF technological Division, in charge of the important processes behind the scenes”.