On June 19, 2015, a terrorist named Mohammed Abu Shaheen stopped an Israeli vehicle near the Ein Buvin Spring in the Dolev community, pretending to ask for directions. When the vehicle stopped, Abu Shaheen opened fire, moderately injuring one civilian and severely injuring Danny Gonen z”l, who later succumbed to his wounds.

Earlier today, Wednesday, July 15, 2015, Abu Shaheen was captured in a joint Israel Security Agency (ISA) and IDF (Zahal) operation.

Following the June 19 incident, the IDF (Zahal) and ISA conducted searches in the area of the attack in a collaborative effort to track the perpetrator. During their searches, the forces uncovered and arrested a terrorist cell consisting of several operatives from the area of Qalandiya. Throughout their investigations, the operatives admitted to plotting and executing of the June 19 attack and to other shooting attacks in which they fired at security forces in the area of Qalandiya. The operatives also confessed that in preparation for the attacks, they staked out the area of the Ein Buvin Spring (near which Danny Gonnen z”l was murdered) with the aim of locating Israeli targets.

During the investigation, several munitions were recovered in the terrorists’ possession, including the weapon used for the execution of numerous shooting attacks.

The captured members of the terror cell:

  1. Mohammed Abu Shaheen, 1985: Fatah operative. Was imprisoned between 2006-2008 after admitting to planning shooting and stabbing attacks. Executed the drive-by shooting attack near the Ein Buvin Spring, moderately injuring one civilian and murdering Danny Gonnen z”l. In preparation for the attack he collected intelligence in the area. Throughout 2014, Abu Shaheen committed 6 other shooting attacks, including the Ah-Ram shooting attack of November 17, 2014 in which he shot and wounded an IDF (Zahal) soldier.

  2. Amjad Aduan, 1980: Fatah operative. Formerly arrested and imprisoned for weapon trafficking. Was involved in the planning of shooting attacks and explosive device attacks. Aduan provided Abu Shaheen with munition and operated as an observer in several terror attacks he executed in cooperation with Abu Shaheen.

  3. Osama Asad, 1986: Fatah operative. Formerly imprisoned for weapon trafficking and engaging in terror activity. Asad was released from prison in the second part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal. In the course of the investigations it was gathered that Asad hid in his home the weapon Abu Shaheen used to commit the Ein Buvin drive-by shooting attack.

  4. Mohammed Aduan, 1978, concealed in his home the weapon Abu Shaheen used to commit several shooting attacks. The weapon was confiscated upon his arrest.

  5.  Ashraf Amar, 1991: Operative in the military intelligence branch of the PA. Amar assisted Abu Shaheen with plotting a shooting attack similar to the Ein Buvin attack.    

IDF and ISA Join Forces to Arrest Assailant of June 19 Attack

Weapons confiscated during the apprehension of the terror cell.