If an Airliner Crashed into an Airbase If an Airliner Crashed into an Airbase Ambulances, fire fighters and other rescue forces took part in an aerial emergency training exercise at Ouvda Airbase, simulating a fire following an airliner crash

Talya Yariv | Translation: Eden Sharon

An aerial emergency drill took place earlier this week in Ouvda Airbase, the southernmost IAF Airbase. The drill simulated an ATR-72 airliner crash on the civil runway of the airbase.

“The participating airplane is an ‘Arkia’ airliner. The company cooperates with the IAF, transporting troops across Israel and therefore was a part of the drill”, said Captain Liron Moslam, Commander of Runway Services Department at the Airbase and the drill manager. “We simulated a malfunction in one of the engines, leading to a faulty emergency landing which leads to a fire”.

Civil-Military Cooperation
The aerial emergency training exercise took place in Ouvda Airbase due to the combination of military and civil flights in it. The cooperation between military and civil forces in the airbase takes place on a daily basis, each time a civil flight lands.

During landing, the people of the Israel Airport Authority man the airbase and join forces with the military controllers. The flights arrive from Europe, usually carrying between 200 and 300 passengers, who wish to visit the southern city of Eilat. “This drill is one of the largest drills executed by us, mainly because of the complexity of the military-civil cooperation”, said Colonel Harel, Airbase Commander. “The drill marked an improvement in terms of cooperating with civil forces. It is important for us to be ready for every possible emergency, especially when civilians are involved”.

34 soldiers from the airbase also took part in the drill, simulating passenger casualties.
“The wounded were divided by the severity of their injuries”, said Sergeant Netan’el Cohen. “In case of an airliner crash, the wounds can vary from mild to severe. In the drill we mostly dealt with anxiety victims and fire related injuries”.