In 2013: A New Simulator for Technicians

The students will be able to practice a wider range of scenarios In 2013: A New Simulator for Technicians

The simulator will allow to diagnose system glitches that the ability to recreate in reality is limited


Simulators open up a whole new world of opportunities for the IAF: Training sessions in far-away lands, practicing how to deal with engine failures in enemy lines and flying in stormy weather. Now, technicians of the IAF will be receiving a simulator which will change the face of the Force’s instructional formation

Yuval Tsuk

As the 2000’s progressed, virtual flight trainers have had more and more responsibility in their hands every single day. Nowadays, flight hours in simulators have a very significant part of the Aerial Team training sessions, which allow them to practice dangerous and challenging take-offs with no fear.

Now, the technical formation is going to adopt the method. In order to train technicians, every now and then an airplane lands in the Technical Airbase and allows students of the technical school to receive more knowledge about their work by practicing. Since simulating difficulties and problems in actual aircraft is limited, the formation had to come up with a better solution that would not consist of manipulating a perfectly good airplane.

Recently developers of the technical base have stated working on a unique simulator that could solve the problem. Just like a flight instructor, it will assist in creating various complex scenarios that the technicians will have to face without any airplane that assists in operational missions. “The simulator will illustrate a row of challenging situations that could be tangible in reality, but not easy to recreate”, explains Major Yair Bilya, commander of the aeronautics department in the Technical Base. “The simulator will push the young technicians to a more professional level since they can build their skills based on the practice”.

The Technical airbase estimates that the advanced simulator will be ready toward the end of next year. The simulator will be used primarily by First and Second rank technicians of the F-16i, and the use will be expanded later on. Alongside the simulator, a new generation of professional and experienced technicians is destined to arrive and improve the operational abilities of the IAF.