A focused activity designed to test the civic bodies in terms of licensing and security, in accordance with the law prohibiting violence in Israel these days editor sportemshtert in sports stadiums all over the country, in terms of
Licensing systems and civil security, focusing on the aspects of security, safety and maintaining
Public order. As part of this work, along with being violent events require an examination
Effectiveness of event managers and ushers.

This is a focused activity and is designed to examine and ensure the durability of
The licensing conditions of civil security as responsible for plots by Prohibition Act
Violence in sports “, in all provinces, dozens of devices, and
Extended in licensing and safety, in cooperation with other law enforcement bodies, including the Ministry of
The economy, the Ministry of culture and sports, State fire and honor Edna
Bekenstein-Chairman of the Council for the prevention of violence in sport.

The inspection was conducted nationwide, according to the ordered model 50 sports
In football, basketball and handball, which examined a range of areas, including:
Business license, at the facility licensed, and placing the event manager approved and certified
Office, ushers in a valid certificate holders, tracking training book, and geo-and-matching
The amount of game plan and work for the preparations approved by Israel Police.

So far, tested hundreds of ushers and 50 of them were summoned for questioning due to data
Are verified. In addition, the findings of the visit raised a number of issues, including:
Very low professional level of event managers, the possession of certificates and registers of
Ushers by security company owner/manager, contrary to law, tzsdranim not identified themselves properly, vests without valid certificates which
Registered. The documentation is perceived as shown and the findings were transferred for follow-up investigations.

In an unusual case, found no event Manager, the game was halted until claiming responsibility for continuing
Event management by territorial police representative.
Found gaps in the set of forces, according to figures the situation when the actual manpower was
Missing or legally incompetent.
Police emphasize that continue the controls at all the amenities in order
To maintain security and public order.

Translated from Hebrew