Israel National Cyber Bureau (INCB) head Dr. Eviatar Matania, at the weekly Cabinet meeting  briefed ministers, in the framework of regular updates.
Dr. Matania discussed threats, solutions and the opportunities presented by the field: "The cyber revolution is to the order of the Industrial Revolution. We are developing protection concepts on the individual, organizational and national levels. There is also an extraordinary economic and business opportunity. Israel leads the world in these areas. We are promoting research and development at the national level and investments in industry, academia and more. We are working together with all the relevant bodies to defend against cyberattacks and intrusion attempts."
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "I set cyber as a national goal because it is a critical issue for us and a huge challenge. We are world pioneers and leaders. We founded the INCB. We are moving the IDF cyber units to Be’er Sheva and building an economic center there that specializes in the subject. We are taking additional steps at the national level. We will continue to invest and lead in the cyber field."