International Youth Day Special: Youths in the World of Aviation International Youth Day Special: Youths in the World of Aviation International Youth Day Special: Youths in the World of Aviation International Youth Day will begin on August 12, and this is a good opportunity to get to know the young fans of the Wright Brothers, who know every nut and bolt of a plane and are dying to be pilots when they grow up. Coming up: A sneak peak of the places where tomorrow’s pilots spend their youth

Shir Golan

Project “Squadron Club”, which began six years ago, aims to bring about societal and behavioral change among youth all over Israel through aviation studies. During the program, students acquire knowledge about the history of aviation; listen to lectures by civilian pilots on the structure of planes, their features, and even experience flying in a light aircraft. As part of the program the youths learn about military aviation and visit IAF bases, where they get to meet aerial team members from different squadrons.

Today, the project is conducted by nine schools in another of local authorities throughout the country and is accompanied by members of the “Valley” combat squadron from the Ramat David base in conjunction with the “10th” squadron of the General Aviation Association and the “Ramon” Foundation. “Ever since I joined the ‘Squadron club’, I improved in school”, shares Yarin Abigail, a fifth-graders at the “Cedar” school where the project is being conducted. “I really enjoy the aviation studies. It interests me very much and I am even thinking of drafting into the aviation course in the army”.

Starting Small: Model Airplane-Building Club in Israel
The Modelers’ Club was established in 1998 as part of an international network of model airplane building, and since then, dozens of Israel members of different ages have become members, many of them have chosen to assemble actually models from the world of aviation. As part of the club’s activities, members present modeled and compete in exhibitions worldwide. In addition, unique tours are held in civilian and military airports across the country.

Amir Agronov, a student in seventh grade, started to build airplane models in his father’s warehouse around two years ago and today he is already an official member of the club. “Model-building is something challenging”, he explains. “I get help by reading the manual every time I build a model and because I purchased some of the models outside of Israel and so sometimes the manuals are not written in Hebrew and I need to understand from the illustrations”.

Aiming High: Israeli Astronomical Association Observatory
The main observatory of the Israeli Astronomical Association offers a variety of classes and activities for children between grades third and ninth. The main observatory in Givatayim is the oldest in Israel. It was established in 1968 in the Second Aliyah Garden of the city. As part of the activities of the observatory, the students learn about astronomical developments, updated scientific discoveries in the field; experience operating a telescope with which they can become familiar with various constellations and learn to explore the movements of heavenly bodies, from black holes to meteors.