“ISIS is Not the Only Potential Danger,” Says IDF Deputy Chief of Staff

“ISIS is not far from us, but they are not the only potential danger for us in the region,” asserted General Yair Golan, the newly appointed IDF (Zahal) Deputy Chief of Staff. “We shouldn’t overstate the ISIS threat and we can’t forget that the most pressing threat is from radical Shia Islam, led by Hezbollah.”

According to Golan, Hezbollah takes the initiative to attack Israel from time to time, such as the attack in October in which an explosive device was activated against IDF (Zahal) soldiers on the Lebanon border. “We have to keep a high level of preparation along with a tight hold on our borders,” said the commander.

After discovering more than 30 terror tunnels emanating from the Gaza Strip during Operation Protective Edge, many civilians became concerned about underground tunnels along the northern border. General Golan insists there is no evidence pointing to the existence of tunnels in the north. “The surroundings here are quite different than those in the Gaza Strip. Yet, the idea of building underground tunnels is not foreign to Hezbollah. We should assume they have them and prepare accordingly.”

“ISIS is Not the Only Potential Danger,” Says IDF Deputy Chief of Staff

– Deputy Chief of Staff General Golan

The northern front has seen other concerning events. Random fire and explosive devices directed at IDF (Zahal) forces and a fighter jet infiltration from Syria both occurred in recent months.

Before welcoming his replacing commander, General Golan wanted to assure that the commanders take the lessons learned from the IDF (Zahal)’s last operation and apply them. “We have converted the lessons from Operation Protective Edge to the northern front and we are trying to figure out how we can improve ourselves,” he stated. “It is clear to everyone that the challenge we face here is much bigger and will require much more from us. We will have to be ready to bring a defeat [to the enemy] quickly in order to stop the threat to our citizens.”

“ISIS is Not the Only Potential Danger,” Says IDF Deputy Chief of Staff

“The threat Hezbollah presents to our citizens is very serious. I am not sure we’ll be able to provide a rocket shield against Hezbollah as we did with Hamas rockets from Gaza. We’ll neutralize the bigger rockets but we won’t be able to stop them all.” (Tweet this)

“Our defense will also have to rely on our citizens to reach their bomb shelters and follow the instructions from the Home Front Command.”