Israel and U.S Exercise Advances

More than 1000 American soldiers arrived at Israel Israel and U.S Exercise Advances

“The knowledge that someone will be here for us at crisis or wartime is indescribable”


Israel and U.S Exercise Advances

In the exercise, IDF and U.S Military soldiers cooperate in various scenarios


The next step of the AC exercise is near to come: headquarter Training. The goal is to practice planning, monitoring and control out on the field, in full cooperation between the IAF, U.S Military and other general staff officials

Shir Aharon Bram | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

After over 1000 American Soldiers arrived and deployed throughout the State of Israel alongside aerial defense batteries of the IAF, the AC exercise faces the next step: Headquarter Training. This stage is meant focus and practice of specific orders that were given beforehand regarding control and monitoring conducted out on the field. During the exercise, coordination between the Aerial Defense Formation, U.S Military and other general staff officials will be examined.

The main part of the exercise will be conducted at the AC headquarters and will be synchronized with all Israeli and American defense batteries across the country, during which all forces will come together and participate in the official operational training. They will be operating according to a false clock of various battle scenarios. “Every moment needs to be spent examining results”, explains Major Tamir Tzimber, Head of the ‘Arrow’ formation and other defense systems at the Aerial defense headquarters. “We have to be certain that everyone is on the same page–American general staff officials and the IAF and Aerial Defense Formation”.

Commander of the IAF: “I would like to thank you”

The Headquarters coordination exercise couldn’t have worked out without a proper field training session, the last stage of the big exercise in which the forces deployed together with weaponry. “I would like to say only two words: Thank You”, said yesterday Commander of the IAF Major General Amir Eshel to the people of the control and commanding departments of the U.S Forces. “Knowing that someone will be there to support us at a time of need or war is irreplaceable. In the name of the Israeli Air Force, I thank you”.

The AC exercise is considered to be one of the world’s most advanced combat labs in the Aerial Defense field and will proceed until the end of November. The next stage will consist of the next simulations: American and Israeli soldiers will practice a variety of interception scenarios and face various threats.