Israel Security Prize for Iron Dome

Minister of Defense giving a certificate of appreciation to Commander of the Aerial Formation


Israel Security Prize for Iron Dome

“The fighters of the formation work days and nights for the security of the residents of Israel”


Israel Security Prize for Iron Dome

“Iron Dome” intercepted dozens of rockets in the past year The engineering team behind the development of the “Iron Dome” rocket interception system will receive the Israel Security Prize for the year 2012. The system has already marked 100 interceptions

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The development team of the “Iron Dome” interception system has been chosen to win the Israel Security Prize, as determined by Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and CEO of the Defense Office. The prize, which is given every year in recognition of contribution to the security of the State of Israel, will be awarded to eight of the executive engineers who developed the system. The prize will also be awarded to the Aerial Defense Formation, whose fighters operate the system.

The “Iron Dome” system, which in the past days has crossed the 100 interceptions threshold, was developed in a particularly short timeframe. The official development, which was headed by the Rafael Company, began in 2007. Four years later, the Aerial Defense Formation performed the system’s first interception–a grad rocket fired from Gaza toward Ashkelon.

Today, a mere year and few months later, the system has four operating batteries, which are training more and more sites around the country for deployment of the system and creating new secure areas. “The Aerial Defense Formation is proud of the fact that its people are recipients of the Israel Security Prize for the Iron Dome system”, said Commander of the Aerial Defense Formation, Brigadier General Doron Gavish. “The fighters of the formation work night and day to keep the residents of Israel secure, and to keep the skies clear from aircrafts, missiles and rockets, and will continue to work toward national security”.

“Iron Dome” joins a long list of weaponry systems in the IAF whose developers have received the Israel National Security Prize: the “JDAM” bomb, the Ofek satellites and the Python 4 missile among others.